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We provide all kind of printing and advertising services. Beside that, we provide photocopy, scan service, exhibition set up, signage, souvenir, stamp, wedding card, certificate, invoice bill book, t-shirt printing, flyers or brochure, corporate gift, booklet, magazine, Annual report, Notebook, buletin, leaflet, ticket, name card, menu, invitation card, calender, diary, button badge, key chain, pull up stand, bunting stand , binding or laminate and car/ vehicle body/ wall stickers.

Whether it is office use, event, business, academic are all possible. Low cost printing such as posters and banners are effective marketing methodology. 

Graphic design- pick and choose the best design from our design team, communicate your needs, your marketing strategy, we deliver.You may choose from our range of top class printing material for your printing solution.

Wedding Cards

Everyday we have seen Wedding ceremonies and each ceremony needed around 50-100 pcs of wedding cards. Imagine in a year, so many weddings ceremonies needed wedding cards. Today your uncle might get married using our wedding cards, tommorrow might be your auntie or your friends cousin. It is all about networking and create the relationship with the customers and they have trusted us.


Every company needed to do marketing, it is important to let your customers know what your business is and by what purpose it serves for having buntings. Many people doesn't know the importance of having buntings. The words you put on the buntings must be shiny and effective, choose the right words to be displayed on them. Big pictures not small, readable and easy to understand by your customers. Having buntings are the marketing techniques traditionally it has found its effectiveness by many customers. Its viewable, touchable and browseable but it serves for one purpose to "attract customers".


When your business partner comes all the way from England, New York and Germany, you need to give them some souvenirs when they visit to your company. It can as little as a pin on the shirt or something bigger like a statue made of steel. Prices are ranges from affordable to expensive, depends on how much you wish to spend on your guest or business partner. To create a long solid and lasting relationship with your business partner or suppliers, it is important to spend on souvenirs that are lucrative so that it is more presentable and it can generate a strong memory with them.


Whether it is the ticket for the symphony orchestra or ticket to an event such as or private events like fashion show, direct selling events and many more. We design tickets with different kind of cuttings and paper material.